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Car Junction Tanzania - Japanese Used Cars for Sale in Tanzania

Car Junction imports Japanese vehicles such as trucks, hatchbacks, sedans, SUVs, and Car Carrier Trucks from Japan to Tanzania. We provide our customers with a wide range of renowned vehicle brands to their doorsteps.

From luxurious SUVs to more budget-oriented hatchbacks, from public coaster buses to commercial vehicles, we’ve got it all under one roof.

We are supplying new & used Japanese cars to countries across the globe including Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Barbados, Myanmar, Botswana, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Australia, South Sudan, Jamaica, Guyana, Trinidad, and the Bahamas. We are striving to expand more and more each day.

One of the main goals of our company is providing customers with the best of both worlds, whether you are surfing the web for brand new cars or perhaps going through second-hand cars for sale, odds are we could assist you in landing that ideal purchase. Not only do we have Japanese used cars for sale but we also have brand new cars that are trending in Tanzania and other parts of the world.

As an esteemed member of many automobile auctions in Japan, Car Junction is driven to bring you the car of your dreams in an affordable price range.

By putting Japanese Domestic Model (JDM) cars on the map, we want buyers to have a taste of Japanese cars. JDMs are dependable, their parts are usually easy to get, they are of high-build quality, meaning a safer journey for you; moreover, the fuel efficiency of Japanese cars is their hallmark. The latest JDMs are even equipped with the latest technology like cameras and sensors for added functionality, and gives you a smooth experience overall.

Safety is one of the major concerns of Car Junction, which is why we make sure every model is tested and safe to be driven on the roads of the country we’re going to export them to. JDMs have a good reputation in terms of their reliability and physical strength compared to their European and American counterparts.

Car Junction brings you Brand new Japanese cars for sale along with a wide range of Japanese used cars. Brands like Toyota and Mitsubishi make some of the most popular cars in Tanzania.

The types of cars we have in our line-up include Toyota IST, which is a subcompact car meant to be driven in traffic-intensive cities, since it is fuel-economical. Second comes Toyota Raum which was sold only in Japan at first but now is available in Tanzania, as well as other parts of the world. Toyota Premio is next on our list, it is a sedan designed to be luxurious whilst not costing a fortune. Another good option we have is Toyota Auris, which was the bestselling car in Europe competing with the Volkswagen Golf, and the JDM version is no exception.

To our surprise, the Toyota Corolla Spacio is yet another out-of-production car that is in demand in Tanzania. It’s a hatchback that’s fuel-efficient and quite powerful despite its size.

Aside from the hatchbacks and sedans, we’ve got a collection of family-oriented vehicles like the Subaru Forester which is an SUV highly in demand in Tanzania. They are known for their comfort features and economy. Toyota Harrier is another one of Toyota’s luxurious SUVs, it’s HP is what makes it stand out from the crowd. Buyer can either opt for a 4WD or an FF. Furthermore, we sell Nissan Dualis which is another SUV that is in-demand in Tanzania.

Switching now to the 7-8 seater class with petrol and hybrid engines, we have Toyota Alphard and Toyota Wish. Toyota Alphard has been re-badged under 2-3 different names. Yet it’s a car that is in demand not only in Tanzania but in other countries as well. Toyota Noah is another luxurious 8 seater car that comes under different names in different countries; a more popular variant is sold under the Toyota Voxy name in other regions.

Alongside personal vehicles, there are a bunch of commercial vehicles to choose from Car Junction.

Light to medium-duty Cabover truck-like Toyota Dyna is a perfect choice for small business needs, whereas Mitsubishi Canter is another enhanced commercial truck used specifically in long route transports. Each has its pros and cons.

Buses like Toyota Coaster are in constant demand all around the world, Mitsubishi Rosa is another old Japanese bus that is still considered the best choice by many.

We supply heavy-duty trucks like Mitsubishi Fuso Fighter and Nissan UD Truck that are mostly used in the transportation of other vehicles and goods.

Toyota Hilux double cabin pickups truck is bought and sold in the online and offline marketplace with an excellent resale price. It offers great mobility while being sufficiently powerful for load-carrying purposes.

We provide affordable prices on all of these vehicles and ensure parts availability. So, if you're looking to get yourself that used Toyota Hilux pickup, Car junction might be worth a peek.

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What clients say

I would like to inform you that I cleared the truck on Friday last week and I can confirm that it is really good one. I will be getting in touch with you in the near future for another 4x4 vehicle.               

Gwamaka Ayoub

I would like to Thanks Car Junction Tanzania team for offering me such a wonderful Toyota Harrier SUV. Thanks a Lot!  


I am very happy to get this opportunity just to share with you my views concerning the company of Car junction which makes me feeel very comfortable after the arrival of a Vehicle (Toyota Hilux Revo) purchased few days ago. To me Car Junction Co. is not only doing business but makes me to be one of the family as evidenced by your cooperation since my first decision to have a vehicle from Car Junction. You are committed to serve your customers by making sure that what they decided to have from you they get at right time and at minimal cost.


I would like to tell that i am very satisfied with the car i purchased from you, the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, i receive it and i am very satisfied, it is more than i was expecting. Thank you so much and i hope we could make new business in near future.               

Ladslaus Mnyone

Am very happy to buy this nice Car from Car Junction and would like to thank the entire team.

Ms. Imelda

Thanks Car Junction. I have my car on my hand.the car is comfortable and have a nice look. Only that during transportation color has damage. otherwise your services is too good. I will still get experience of Japanese car through you.good day

Mr. Edwin